Privacy Policy


AGORA Hotel Management Nojiriko will herein be referred to as, “The Company.”

The company will handle matters concerning the customer’s privacy (matters pertaining to individual’s information or identification). The following initiatives will be set in order to protect the customer’s information:
In the case that the customer’s personal information shall be used, the company will reveal the purpose of said use in advance.


The company may acquire limited personal information from the customer, but give notification of its purpose beforehand. The company will secure the customer’s agreement and not extend beyond the purpose of use, excluding cases related to the law.


Personal information acquired from the customer will be overseen by the management and appropriate measures will be made to prevent leakage of personal information.


Personal information regarding the customer will not be disclosed to third parties, this excludes cases relating to the law.


The company will comply with the norms of privacy laws. As for handling and review of these matters the company will make applicable updates and strive to improve upon them.