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    The renowned architect Kiyoshi Seike, wanted to incorporate nature into Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco with huge windows and areas to view the nature around the hotel. His original idea was to create a vacation house but he went about it with a different approach. He decided to design a hotel with all the rooms having a different layout. Located in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, the harmony with nature is apparent to BOSCO’s Style of: “staying, eating, learning, playing and healing.” There is a certain harmony with the nature here, from the moment your eyes open, you realise you are enveloped in a wonderful forest, it is then the appreciation of time and nature become apparent.

    Via the ‘Bistronomy in the Woods’ concept, savor the ‘Gastronomy’ of local culture through the finest carefully selected and prepared ingredients at the ‘Bistro’ in the woods, [moment]. Enjoy sophisticated French style cuisine prepared with a traditional and comforting familiar EL BOSCO ‘Bistronomy’ touch.

    • Osamu Fujitsuka is the chef as gastronomist of ELBOSCO. Born in Toyama, Japan in 1969, Osamu Fujitsuka spent ten years in the kitchen and became master chef of ELBOSCO from 2016.
      His passion through cooking is ' Love,respect and understanding'
      Fujitsuka achieved everything he has through perseverance and an unbelievably drive to make something new and differet. Today, chef Fujitsuka continues experimenting with new techniques and ingredients to enhance and modernize local cuisine.

    • HOURS

      Breakfast 7:30-9:30(L.O.)
      Lunch 11:30-14:00(L.O.)
      Dinner 18:00-20:30(L.O.)

    • LOUNGE

    • The Lounge with its vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows offer great views into the garden and lake. Here we provide a variety of snacks, desserts and drinks.


    • SOBA BAR

    • At the SOBA BAR you can experience the famous taste of local buckwheat noodles whilst overlooking views of Lake Nojiri. After dinner, come and enjoy the nice laid-back atmosphere with a drink or two from the bar.


    • Sushi Kaiseki
      (an assortment of different dishes featuring sushi)

    • For those of you who stay for 2 nights, we offer you the choice of one of the nights to be “sushi kaiseki.” The town of Shinano lies only 50 minutes from the sea of Japan in Niigata prefecture, so the fish is very fresh.

      Excluded Day:Every Monday

    The large picture windows in all the rooms look out towards the lush nature of Nojiri, nice for relaxing. One of the design objectives of the architect was to have each room be different, so each time you stay with us your experience will be slightly different. All the rooms have simple and natural furniture designed by Riki Watanabe.

    • Standard Twin

    • FLOOR SPACE:36.1㎡

    • An airy room with large windows looking out to nature. The room can occupy up to 3 people with the sofa bed.

    • Maisonette Twin

    • FLOOR SPACE:47.1㎡

    • A homey feel is felt in these rooms with a staircase leading to large windows over-looking either the courtyard or the lake. The rooms include a sofa bed allowing up to 3 people to stay at once.

    • Luxury Fourth

    • FLOOR SPACE:62.6㎡

    • In this suite room you can feel the warmth of wood in a natural setting. A relaxing atmosphere perfect for families fitting up to 4 people.

    • Superior Twin

    • FLOOR SPACE:A 36.1㎡ B 32.3㎡

    • Upon entering these rooms you are greeted with a spiral staircase taking you to large picture windows with spectacular views of Lake Nojiri’s surface. The forest’s greenery calms your mind and spirit. These are all non-smoking rooms

    • These are all non-smoking rooms

    • Deluxe Twin

    • FLOOR SPACE:36.1㎡

    • Looking out from the large windows you feel a part of the forest itself. The rooms hold up to 3 people with use of the sofa bed. Have a sit in the sofa while looking outside and you will feel a part of the forest.

    • These are all non-smoking rooms

    • Luxury Maisonette Suite

    • FLOOR SPACE:47.1㎡

    • This suite room has the bedroom facing the courtyard and the living room enjoys the vistas of the lake. Fitting up to 3 people with use of the sofa bed. This rooms interior theme is, “Gold.”

    • These are all non-smoking rooms

    • BOSCO Suite

    • FLOOR SPACE:62.6㎡

    • Reminiscent of a cottage, this spacious suite room has an extra big bathroom and lots of closet space, great for long-term stays. Using the sofa bed, 3 people can stay here.

    • These are all non-smoking rooms

    • Amenities

    • Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Shower cap, Tea set, Toothbrush, Hair brush, Razor, Japanese “Washlet" style toilet (with seat warmer & bidet), Hairdryer, Towels, Pyjamas, TV, Fridge, Electric kettle

    The town Shinano, where our hotel lies has attracted many people including missionaries who came and settled around Lake Nojiri (during the Taisho era (1912-1926)) due to the serenity and peacefulness. The famous Japanese novelist Kansuke Naka and poet Chihiro Iwasaki found this scenic area to be to their liking, living out their lives here. Within the neighbourhood of the hotel are stunning shrines and great hiking including many power spots one known to be therapeutic to people suffering from depression and stress where there is “Forest Walks for Healing” the base of forest therapy. The hotel sits on a peninsula overlooking the magnificent view of Lake Nojiri, where activities such as marine sports, hiking and golf are enjoyed. In addition to recreational activities you can also enjoy the culture left behind by Shinano’s ancestors.

    • Lake Nojiri

    • Spread out in front of the hotel lies the 2nd biggest lake in Nagano prefecture. A common sight is of people doing water sports or fishing. If you would like to partake in something, the shop for boat rental and other various water activities is nearby. There is also a ferry boat which cruises around the lake, showing off the majestic nature of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park throughout its four seasons of change.

    • 【To the ferry terminal it is 4.5km or approx. 10min by car】

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    • Myoko Kogen Country Club

    • Situated at the foot of Mt. Myoko, lies the golf course. A beautiful course with wide open fairways, take advantage of our special golf stay package plan. For more information, please inquire with the hotel.
      *Please note that the course closes for winter (the dates are not set).

    • 【10km from the hotel, approx. 20min by car】

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    • Togakushi Shrine

    • Located at the foot of Mt. Togakushi (1,904m/6,247ft) is the breathtaking, Togakushi Shrine. Togakushi is divided into three sections or areas; the lower, middle and the upper (Houkou-sha, Chu-sha. and Oku-sha respectively) one theory suggests that Oku-sha was built in 210BC. In addition to its beauty, Togakushi Shrine is also known as one of the strongest power spots.

    • 【30km from the hotel, approx. 1 hour by car】

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    • Zenko-ji Temple

    • A temple with over 1400 years of history. The main hall boasting a 300 year history, was constructed during the Hoei period (1704-1711) of the Edo era, it has been designated as a national treasure. The wooden building was built on a grand scale, the wooden bell hammer was used in Nara’s Todaiji’s Hall of the Great Buddha and in Kyoto’s Sanjusangendo.

    • 【30km from the hotel, approx. 1 hour by car】

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    • MAP

    Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco
    Address : 4847, Furumi, Shinanomachi, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano 389-1302

    • Access by Train

    ■Approximately 2 hours from Tokyo Station on the Hokuriku-Shinkansen and the SHINANORAILWAY NORTH SHINANO LINE to Kurohime Station.
    ■Approximately 15 minutes(3000yen) by taxi from Kurohime Stationto the hotel.
    ■From Myoko-Kogen station, it takes approximately 15 minutes by taxi (around 2000 yen) to the hotel
    ■If traveling by car, please set the navigation to the below hotel telephone number (it may indicate as “Nojiriko Prince Hotel”, the former hotel name)